Brian Richardson

Why I'm making this page

Hello and welcome to my new website. I have been planning for the past year or so to create a personal site under my own name as an organizational tool for my various projects.

The planning for this site began to overlap with a recent rediscovery of my interest in computers. I was a bit of a computer nerd back in high school during the early days of Windows 3.1 and AOL, but had lost this interest as an adult and found that I was using computers and other technology like most people - as a black box that could only be improved by upgrading to the newest model. However, thanks to the inspiration of a good friend (who also helped me set up the home server that hosts this site) and the writings of Derek Sivers, I decided that this page would become an experiment in learning html, css, and (eventually) javascript.

This page as it exists today was created over the course of about 1 week in my spare time while reading the book Head First HTML and CSS by Elisabeth Robson and Eric Freeman. I will continuing updating it as I learn more and my projects evolve.